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The Unseen Power of Colour

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If Robots Can Paint and Speak Like Us, Can They Think Like Us?

Fans of the stark, alienated world of Blade Runner will be pleased, if not a little nervous, about the newly announced release date of the sequel. The ominous neon cityscape inhabited by replicants, robots nearly indistinguishable from humans, was a chilling portrayal of the future. January 12, 2018 is less than two years away and...


Footprints in the Snow


British artist Simon Beck‘s canvas of choice is a little unconventional. Making his way across snow-covered lakes, fields and mountainsides with decisive footfalls, he leaves behind gigantic geometric etchings that,...


If the Face Fits


When you’re immersed in a book, chances are the descriptions of the characters evoke a sense of what that character looks like. When it comes to film adaptations, directors don’t...