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The Many Faces of Bill Murray

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Who Says Artists Are Big-Headed?

Bego Antón and Mónica Sánchez seem a little big-headed. Literally, because they have made giant paper versions of their own heads and worn them in their day to day life for a playful and surreal disruption of everyday routine. The images are light-hearted and comical, especially because the artists aren’t behaving as though anything is...


Painting The Town Nameless


A Japanese design duo have rewritten the rulebook for the way paints are labelled, creating a system that is both functional and educational. The minimal paint tubes in their set...


When The Canvas Is The Painting


Jason Hallman and Steven Stum have been working under the name Stallman, creating mesmerising landscapes in billowing folds of coloured canvas. Rather than applying paint to the canvas in the...


Water on Mars


In news that has space agencies worldwide brimming with wonder and excitement, NASA have just unveiled a “major science finding” – evidence that liquid water flows on Mars. Aided by...