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The Real-World Physics of Superman

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Kal-El, Clark Kent, the Man of Steel. Call him what you will, but Superman is quite possibly the most recognised superhero in the comic book universe, and a firm favourite among millions of people all over the world.

What makes him different from the likes of Batman, Iron Man, et al. is his ethical approach to fighting crime – he stands for truth, justice, and humanity, and lives by a code of morals, both as Superman, and as his alter ego, the mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent. He possesses a set of extraordinary powers, including superhuman strength, flight, super-speed, and x-ray vision that, in the world of fiction, allow him to save countless lives and escape the most treacherous situations completely unharmed. But just how would Superman fare in the real world?

The team at Shade Station were keen to find out how the laws of physics as we know them would compromise the Man of Steel’s abilities and, following some very in depth research, have produced this infographic to present their findings:

Physics of Superman

Claire Shannan

Claire Shannan is the Senior Editor at Visual Broadcast and a specialist in social media marketing. Her main interests include photography, design, music, and film. Connect with her on Twitter: @Claire_Shannan

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