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A World of Perfect Symmetry

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We as humans are hardwired to organise chaos into order. We seek out patterns within random data, attempt to rationalise chance events, and find ourselves drawn to symmetrical faces and images.

When it comes to the latter, I am a self-confessed perfectionist. I’m also a photographer and, as anyone in a similar situation will know, a constant quest for perfection in an imperfect world will often serve up quite the creative stumbling block.

Whilst scrolling through my somewhat chaotic Instagram feed this morning, I came across an image that stopped me in my tracks. A photograph so aesthetically pleasing, I was compelled to see more. And I promptly arrived in symmetry heaven!

Symmetrical Monsters is an expertly curated collection of images from around the world with one shared attribute – the clue’s in the name – they are all perfectly symmetrical. From bridges and tunnels to seascapes and skyscapes, we are shown that symmetry exists everywhere, and makes for a truly harmonious viewing experience.

If you have an image you’d like to share with their 100,000+ followers, simply include the tag #SymmetricalMonsters for a chance to be featured.

Preview image courtesy of Xavier Ang.

Claire Shannan

Claire Shannan is the Senior Editor at Visual Broadcast and a specialist in social media marketing. Her main interests include photography, design, music, and film. Connect with her on Twitter: @Claire_Shannan

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