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The Most Iconic Wedding Venues from Film & TV

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Summer is in full swing and, just in case you hadn’t noticed, so is wedding season. If you’re anything like me – a female in your early to mid-thirties – you’ll have fulfilled more than your fair share of RSVPs for the year, and still have enough invites to see you through to October. Then there are the engagement parties.

In terms of weather, British summers are notoriously unpredictable. I like to apply the “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” idiom to any and all plans I make between May and September. Ever found yourself up against the muddy fields of Glastonbury? Enough said. But our beloved United Kingdom is home to some of the most idyllic wedding venues you’ll ever come across. It’s no wonder 75% of British couples choose to marry here rather than jet off to sunnier climes. From quaint churches to sprawling country estates, we have it all. And if it’s the wow factor you’re in search of, look no further…

This infographic from The Best Man Speech presents nine of the UK’s most famous wedding venues, including Downton Abbey’s Highclere Castle, and Chatsworth House a.k.a Pemberley, the fictional residence of one Mr Darcy. Will you find ‘the one’? I do hope so!

Iconic Wedding Venues

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