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A Global Guide to Etiquette

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We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. But with customs and etiquette varying widely from culture to culture, the prospect of visiting a different country can be a daunting one, even for the most well-travelled among us.

We Britons are renowned for going out of our way to be polite – habitually apologising for the actions of others, and holding a door open for one person, then allowing a seemingly endless stream of people to pass through before we ourselves do. But something that we’re perfectly accustomed to in our country may be regarded as a grave insult in another. Oh, the horror of committing a faux-pas!

Thankfully, Thomas Cook has come to our aid with this stunning interactive piece, The World Guide to Etiquette. This indispensable guide provides us with key do’s and don’ts when meeting people, driving, and dining out in over 40 countries to help us avoid embarrassing situations during our travels abroad.

Global Etiquette Guide Map

Global Etiquette Guide Map Brazil

Global Etiquette Guide Brazil

Global Etiquette Guide Egypt

Global Etiquette Guide Thailand

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