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Sundikator Helps You Stay Safe From The Sun’s Rays

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A holiday can be ruined by the discomfort of sunburn, not to mention the health risks. Since sun cream, quite sensibly, is invisible, it is nigh on impossible to keep track of when you need to re-apply it. After just a couple of hours on your body, there’s a good chance it is no longer effective.

Sundikator, a small clear patch that you wear on your skin, changes colour to reveal a picture of a butterfly when it’s time to replenish your sun protection. When you apply sun cream to the Sundikator, it will reset until it’s time to top up again. This ingenious design is a simple yet effective measure you can take to stay safe in the sun.

Omar Majeed

Omar is a staff writer at Visual Broadcast, and is particularly interested in photography, art and design.

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