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Holga Digital: Our Favourite Toy Camera Is All Grown Up

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The digital camera has revolutionised photography, and more of us are embracing a passion for it than ever before. But there are those who frown upon digital photography, arguing that “there’s no skill involved; anyone can pick up a DSLR, set the mode to automatic and call themselves a photographer” and “along with every imperfection, any and all feeling is removed from a photograph once it’s been through the Photoshop mill”. Many digital photographers feel that traditional photography is a dying art, and the time, cost and risks involved during post-processing are unnecessary obstacles to their creative process. It’s tough being on the receiving end of comments like those, but it’s a ongoing debate that shows no signs of ending.

The new Holga Digital is unlike any Holga that came before it, and unlike any other digital camera on the market. It’s a breath of fresh air. Gone is the headache of expensive and time-consuming (and sometimes unreliable) film processing. What Holga has given us is the efficiency of a digital camera with the retro feel and image quality of a traditional lo-fi camera.

Holga Digital 1

“We were inspired by the classic Holga camera and wanted to recreate the magical experience of using a Holga with our loved ones. We were also convinced we could enhance this experience by digitising the original Holga.”

You can be one of the very first to get hold of one thanks to Holga Digital’s Kickstarter campaign. With two weeks still to go, they’ve smashed their $50,000 goal, and are well on the way to reaching their first stretch goal. Pledge just $80, and one of these great little cameras will be yours.

Holga Digital 2

Claire Shannan

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