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Hilarious Street Art on the Streets of France

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Since the explosion in popularity of artists like Banksy, street art has become a widely disseminated and exceptionally prominent art form. Usually, the works make a political, social or economic point, but in the case of OakOak, they’re simply an ‘urban diversion’, and they’re absolutely brilliant.

Bringing smiles to the faces of the residents of St. Etienne in France, the artist shares his love of The Simpsons, The Beatles, Bruce Lee and other pop culture references through a series of temporary artworks that interact beautifully with their environment. We’ve included some of our favourites below, but if you’d like more be sure to check out Urban Diversions, a new book that brings some of OakOak’s best work together.








John Pring

John Pring is the Managing Editor of Visual Broadcast and an experienced data visualisation and infographic specialist. His main interests include literature, football, art & design, infographics and visual storytelling, and you can find him on Twitter @designbysoap

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