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Vaccine Preventable Disease Outbreaks Around the World

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Every year hundreds of thousands of people die all over the world from diseases that could have been easily prevented by vaccines. We have effective and cost-effective methods for preventing this diseases, but they continue to spread.

In this motion graphic from GOOD, they visualise the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases from 2008-2014, covering 7 years of outbreaks in 70 seconds. From measles to whooping cough, the visualisation shows us how many people died from these entirely preventable diseases each year, and where in the world outbreaks occurred:

John Pring

John Pring is the Managing Editor of Visual Broadcast and an experienced data visualisation and infographic specialist. His main interests include literature, football, art & design, infographics and visual storytelling, and you can find him on Twitter @designbysoap

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