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Savvy Travel Hacks for the Modern Woman

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We all love to get away from it all every now and again. Whether it’s a weekend trip to the coast or two weeks on some sunny tropical island, travelling has become somewhat synonymous with relaxation, unwinding and de-stressing.

However, as most of us will know the actual reality of taking a trip is rarely the most relaxing of experiences. Whether it’s making sure everyone’s packed and ready and getting to the airport on time, worrying about what you might have forgotten to pack or do before you left, dealing with temperatures that are just a bit higher than you expected or realising you’ve forgotten a plug adaptor and can’t charge any of your devices. When it comes down to it, holidays and travelling can actually come with quite a lot of stress, leading to the very British expression of needing a holiday to recover from your holiday.

Despite all these potential stresses, most of us do manage to have a good time on holiday, but a few handy tips or hacks would certainly be a welcome addition to any traveller’s arsenal. That’s where this infographic from ChloBo comes in, providing you with some incredibly useful travel hacks to make your life just that little bit easier. It’s aimed primarily at women, but there’s a few tips in here that will come in handy regardless of your gender:


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