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More Than 100 Killed by Stampede at Hindu Festival in India

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Reports coming out of India have confirmed at least 115 people have died after a Stampede at a Hindu festival in Madhya Pradesh. 

The incident occurred at 09.00 (3.30 GMT) yesterday, after panic broke out on a bridge near Ratangarh temple. Many of the victims were crushed to death after the stampede, which was thought to have occurred due to rumours the bridge would collapse. Other people drowned in the river after jumping from the bridge in order to escape the panic.

Hundreds of thousands of people had gathered in the area for the festival of Navratra, and reports suggest most were making their way to the temple over the 500m long bridge when a rumour began to spread that the bridge was about to collapse. This sparked a mass panic and a stampede to get off the bridge, killing at least 115 people and injuring more than 110 others. Most of those killed are thought to be women and children.

The following video from The Guardian shows the aftermath of the stampede, and contains images that some may find upsetting:

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