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LEGO On Hoth: Superb LEGO-based Photography

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Vesa Lehtimaki, a Finnish designer, illustrator and photographer, has spent the last few years creating stunning photography pieces using his son’s LEGO, producing a strikingly realistic series entitled ‘LEGO on Hoth’. 

The photos – in which he imagines what downtime for the Empire and Rebel Forces on the ice planet Hoth would look like – are carefully pre-planned and often take hundreds of exposures to complete, but the result is both beautiful and stunningly realistic (considering he’s working with yellow plastic toys).

In a recent interview with Wired, Lehtimaki discusses his motivation behind the series:

Two of the great moments of my childhood were the first two original Star Wars movies. As a kid I wanted to become a move director – I made some Super 8 movies but it did not work out that well. With my photography I’m revisiting an unfulfilled career path, I guess. With the attacked little stories my photos are like tiny one-frame movie scenes, and I get to direct Star Wars!

Below we’ve included some Lehtimaki’s photos, to see more you can find the LEGO on Hoth series on Flickr or Facebook.

LEGO on Hoth LEGO on Hoth LEGO on Hoth LEGO on Hoth LEGO on Hoth LEGO on Hoth LEGO on Hoth LEGO on Hoth LEGO on Hoth LEGO on Hoth

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