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Maja Wronska’s Watercolours are an Exercise in Expressive Precision

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Maja Wronska’s stunning watercolours present the character and personality of the built environment through work that is at once precise and expressive. She captures the unique charm and grandeur of inspiring buildings in a way that goes beyond the purely descriptive without ever compromising the faithful rendering of the architecture.

It may surprise you to learn that Maja Wronska is first and foremost an architect. She learned to draw and paint as part of her course at Warsaw University of Technology, and found not only an aptitude for it, but great enjoyment too. It is the architect’s eye and hand that gives her the precision to depict buildings as they are, but her paintings go beyond accuracy, celebrating the structure and details in the buildings and creating an overall effect that shows a real love for architecture. The colour palette is not naturalistic, as you would perhaps expect, but rather otherworldly suggesting a level of transcendence derived from the beauty of the buildings. The layering of the paint creates a depth and vibrancy of pigment that positively glows, with a tonal contrast that best showcases the dramatic lighting on exteriors and interiors. Truly captivating work.

Maja Wronska 1

Maja Wronska 2

Maja Wronska 3

Maja Wronska 4

Maja Wronska 5

Omar Majeed

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