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Visiting Turkey? Check Out The Breaking Bad Coffee Shop

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Breaking Bad was one of the most brilliant, memorable and hugely missed shows on TV, and fans of the show are dedicated to say the least.

Few are quite as dedicated as Deniz Kosan however, who loves the show so much he modelled his new business on it. Wanting to open a new coffee shop, Deniz decided to base the entire place around Breaking Bad, and opened Walter’s Coffee Roastery in Istanbul, Turkey.

The baristas wear yellow jump suits, there’s a giant periodic table adorning the walls and the coffee served in beakers. There’s even coffee roasters designed to look like chemical tanks, and hand-cooked blue rock candy available to enjoy with your coffee!

We absolutely love this place, and it’s a shame we’re not in Turkey or we’d be heading down to Walter’s every morning. Check out this brilliant creation on Instagram, and there’s a few of our favourite pictures below:

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