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The Most Spectacular Firework Display You’ll Ever See

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Largely unexplored, the deep sea is a mysterious place, but for a plethora of fascinating creatures including coral, crustaceans, jellyfish, and worms, it is home.

Their habitat is challenging to say the least – icy cold, pitch black, and teeming with fearsome predators. But somehow, life has found a way to thrive. Russian marine biologist and photographer Alexander Semenov‘s passion for underwater life has sent him diving all over the world, documenting the alien-like beauty of the creatures he meets. He is due to embark on a three year long journey of exploration early next year to discover the undiscovered, potentially bringing to light some of the many mysteries lying in the darkness of the deep ocean realm.

The Aquatilis Expedition is a truly remarkable endeavour, and we wish Alex and his team every success.

Alexander Semenov 1

Alexander Semenov 2

Alexander Semenov 3

Alexander Semenov 4

Alexander Semenov 5

Alexander Semenov 6

Alexander Semenov 7

Alexander Semenov 8

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