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Skarp Razors Will Revolutionise Shaving For Men

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Shaving is a hassle, let’s face it. And the problems that come with it – razor burn, nicks and cuts, and ingrown hairs to name a few – are frustrations we could really do without. You would think by now someone would have come up with a better way of doing it. Well, Skarp Technologies may have done just that.

The Skarp (Swedish for ‘sharp’) Razor is powered by a small laser, which cuts through hairs for a truly clean shave.

Skarp 1

“Shaving has been using essentially the same technology for 5000 years. To make any real progress, we needed to take a radical new approach,” say the team behind the razor.

There is no need for shaving foam, and the use of water is optional, rather than necessary. Skarp’s aluminium prototypes look sleek and stylish, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one. Nor can their 14,000+ Kickstarter supporters who have already smashed the funding target with over a fortnight to go.

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