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Shoes: There’s Always Room for One More Pair

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I realise that what I’m about to say is very cliché, but I’m a woman who can appreciate a great pair of shoes. Some of my best purchases have been acquired during a quick dash into town to run an errand or two, or whilst waiting for a friend who’s “on the way” to join me for lunch. In fact, it’s rare for me to go shoe shopping with intent.

For many of us, there’s nothing quite as exciting as that moment you lay eyes on a beautiful pair of shoes and proceed to mentally pair them with a selection of outfits you have dwelling in your wardrobe, tags still attached. Whether this is a means of justifying the decision to buy the shoes, or just good planning, we all do it. And, as I’m sure many of you will agree, there is nothing quite as frustrating as not being able to take them home because they’re only available in sizes 3,4 and 8. While an impulsive footwear purchase is exhilarating, perhaps we should try to be a little more measured in our approach to shoe shopping so as to avoid this kind of disappointment.

Go and take a long, hard look at your shoe collection. There will no doubt be at least one pair of skyscraper stilettos in there that haven’t yet seen the light of day, along with some heavily worn wedge espadrilles and enough pumps to shoe a village. What are you missing? Perhaps some cute kitten heels, or some versatile shoe boots? Or perhaps you’re not quite sure. Well, the buying team at JD Williams have done the leg work and put together the definitive guide to shoes of all heel types and matched them to an entire calendar of social events. For the self-confessed shoe lover, and those of us in denial, it’s indispensable. My advice would be to print it out and stick it on your wardrobe – it will act as a gentle reminder to aim for a well-rounded collection of shoes to see you through every possible occasion.

The Visual Guide to Women's Shoes - Heel Style

Claire Shannan

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