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The Most Popular Fundraising Ideas for Schools

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During my days as a schoolgirl, there was one annual event all of us looked forward to – the summer fete. It always seemed to coincide with the hottest day of July so, despite having spent the week working hard, parents and pupils alike felt no resentment towards spending the best part of their Saturday back at school.

A summer fete is a quintessentially British affair, and ours was no exception. There were crafts and knick-knacks for sale, tables laden with beautifully decorated sweets and treats (infiltrated by some of the pupils’ less attractive baking efforts), and the obligatory tombola. Oh, and my personal favourite, pony rides! Everyone was in good spirits and even the school bullies were on their very best behaviour.

What I didn’t realise was that this wonderful event was, in fact, an effort to raise funds for the ongoing maintenance costs the school had to endure. In hindsight, they really should’ve charged a pound or two more for some of the lawn games. But I’m fairly sure the headmistress was pleased with the outcome, and it was more than worth the effort she and her staff had gone to.

Some years have gone by since I completed my education, but it seems there are now many more options for schools looking to bring in some money to cover their expenses. This infographic from IQ Cards looks at some of the most popular:

most popular fundraising ideas for schools

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