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Petros Koublis Documents the Athens Countryside

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A trend for slightly desaturated and overexposed photographic images has been apparent for some time now – an aesthetic that perfectly complements these peaceful images of the landscape surrounding Athens.

Greek photographer Petros Koublis allows these moments of serenity to unfold before him, naturally and without intention. Solitary animals wander into the frame before a rugged, weathered backdrop, evoking a sense of empowerment, and rewarding Koublis with the kind of images only patience can deliver.

Petros Koublis 1

Petros Koublis 2

Petros Koublis 3

Petros Koublis 4

Petros Koublis 5

Petros Koublis 6

Omar Majeed

Omar is a staff writer at Visual Broadcast, and is particularly interested in photography, art and design.

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