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Majd Taby’s Story Of Syrian Migration Has Come At The Right Time

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With Syrians migrating through Europe, much has been said in the news about the crisis in Syria. Majd Taby was raised in Syria and emigrated to the US in 2003. He has set up a topical Kickstarter campaign utilising his skills in design and photography to document stories of people who have emigrated for the interest of the wider audience.

Immigrants have often been demonised for political purposes. Majd feels that if people knew more about them it would break down barriers of prejudice and suspicion. As plenty of words have already been written and spoken about the crisis, Majd doesn’t aim to capture “the macro story”, as he calls it, but rather zoom in on personal narratives and give an untold human story – one that needs to be heard.

He says: “We want to shine a more human and personal light onto the historic migration of Syrians into Europe. Using intimate photography and storytelling to humanize the refugees, we want to generate empathy, and a deeper understanding of the crisis.”

Majd is working with photographer Sara Kerens to document the exploratory journey through Europe alongside the Syrian refugees they aim to speak for. You can find out more, and support their campaign by clicking on the ‘K’ in the top-left corner of this video:

Omar Majeed

Omar is a staff writer at Visual Broadcast, and is particularly interested in photography, art and design.

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