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Lighting for the Eco-Conscious Minimalist

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When it comes to contemporary interior design, minimalism is at the forefront. But it’s no longer about white walls, resin floors, and the Space Age style furniture that dominated homes during the 1960s. Gone are the days when everything had to be moulded from one piece of plastic to be in-keeping with the minimalist movement; the rules have been rewritten to encapsulate stripped-down design elements that take us back to basics and reconnect us with our planet. It is a concept born of a desire to escape the constant connection to the rest of the world, and live with only what we really need.

Los Angeles-based designer Paul Foeckler, an advocate of architectural sensibility, crafts beautiful light sculptures from the wood of the Monterey Cypress. These trees have a limited lifespan due to their position on the California coast, and often fall during storms as they age. Paul forages the wood himself and, with thoughtful craftsmanship, gives the trees a new lease of life in a form that is both eye-catching and functional.

He says, “The balance between organic nature and refined technological materials is what I strive for in each piece with the added intention to aesthetically elevate both. I hope my work allows people to reflect upon nature in both intimate and public contemporary spaces.

Split Grain 1

Split Grain 2

Split Grain 3

Split Grain 4

Split Grain 5

Split Grain 6

If you would like to purchase one of Paul’s unique pieces, you can do so via his Etsy shop. I, for one, can see several of these in my home.

Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas is an editor and staff writer at Visual Broadcast and a specialist in information design and digital marketing. His main interests include art & design, music, cars and sport, mainly football, cricket and MMA.

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