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If 26 Famous Architects Designed An Alphabet

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If you find it difficult to tell the difference between a building by Alvar Aalto and Zaha Hadid (and let’s face it famous architects isn’t the most common of specialist subjects), then this beautifully crafted work of art – entitled Archibet City – might just help you nail down the style of 26 of the world’s most famous architects.¬†

The Archibet project from Federico Babina is an illustrated alphabet that honours 26 architects from around the world, presenting each letter in the architectural style of their namesake. According to Babina:

Each letter is a small surrealist work of architecture that becomes part of an imaginary city made up of different shapes and styles …¬†Architecture is an international language, a system of communication. Its complex structure affords a wider range of possible expressions and uses

The project, which was crafted using a combination of hand illustration, vector illustration, computer design and 3D modelling, is the latest piece of work from the Barcelona-based illustrator most well known for his Archicine project – a series of posters visualising buildings from a range of popular films.

Here’s the Archibet poster from his latest project:


John Pring

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