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Ambitious Kickstarter Project Aims to Get a Miniature Rocket onto the Moon

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The project is called Moonspike. The aim is to take your data to the moon. A small in scale rocket is set for a large in ambition journey, to climb into Earth’s orbit and then traverse the remaining distance to the Moon.

It will be carrying a 1 gram titanium spike full of data that the project’s creators want to be sent to the lunar surface. The whole thing is a private project and plans to share the journey every step of the way through blogging, hoping to pave the way for more democratic space travel. This is an unmanned mission of course, the rocket is tiny, but it would still be a massive achievement for the team of scientists. Their budget is £600,000 and they have already secured £50,000. Wouldn’t it be marvellous to see this project go the distance?

Omar Majeed

Omar is a staff writer at Visual Broadcast, and is particularly interested in photography, art and design.

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