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All the Trees are Pink, and the Sky is Cyan

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These photographs by New York-based photographer and graphic designer Paolo Pettigiani present Central Park in a novel way. At first they appear to show the trees full of blossom, but in fact the bold bubblegum pink hue in the leaves is the result of the process he used, capturing the park in infrared.

Paolo has only recently moved to the city from Turin and his photographs of the grand park are very much imbued with that freshness and wonder. The images are comprised of contrasting warm pinks and steely blues that combine to create a magical view. It’s amazing the way a new colour scheme completely reinvents a familiar place. We see so many images of picturesque scenery that we are becoming blind to it. The idea of a beautiful outdoor space is becoming stale, and landscapes have lost something of the impact they might have had in the past.

Although still only 24 years old, photography is not a new medium for Pettigiani. He has been developing his photographic practice from an early age. Much of his work is characterised by clean, simple compositions that celebrate distinctive forms, particularly in the architectural work, and his focus lies on exploring contrasts between the natural and built environments.

Paolo Pettigiani 1

Paolo Pettigiani 2

Paolo Pettigiani 3

Paolo Pettigiani 4

Paolo Pettigiani 5

All images courtesy of Paolo Pettigiani.

Omar Majeed

Omar is a staff writer at Visual Broadcast, and is particularly interested in photography, art and design.

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